DESIGN REMIX: Spring Forward!

Posted by J. Allen on March 19, 2013 3 Comments


With a few new accents, and a quick shopping trip throughout the rest of the home we transformed this space from blah to breathtaking! Here's how we did it...


This uninspired living space has great pieces but lacks design direction.


1. To add some wow to the windows we replaced the drab curtains with dramatic window treatments in a graphic print. By selecting a muted color palette the bold pattern doesn't overwhelm the space adding interest & texture. 

2. We removed the wall sconces which did not offer any essential light and replaced them with framed art work. Here's our trick to doing this on the cheap; using simple store bought frames we pulled images from the homeowners library of books! Two of the images are pages from a book on the Washington, DC botanical garden while the others are framed sheet music. 

3. Check your inventory! We shopped other areas of the home and discovered the glass end tables in the homeowners basement. We also swapped the heavy brown arm chairs with 2 chairs from their dining room. These ivory tufted side chairs add a lighter look and feel to the space, which is perfect for Spring.

4. Dare to D.I.Y. Re-facing the fireplace has a huge impact on the updated look of this space. By covering the dark brick with a white marble tile the space feels bright and fresh. Adding tile or stone to a fireplace is a great way to strike a balance between modern style and a traditional home. 

5. Finally, this quick trick is the number one way to add a touch of Spring to any space, flowers! We stuck to simple arrangements of hydrangea and orchids to bring the outdoors in. Using unorthodox planters to add interest we grabbed a stainless steel serving bowl to use as the base for the orchids and removed the top from a decorative urn to house the hydrangea. Think outside the vase; if it can hold water, it can work!

After chopping a few pillows and staging the accents; voila, a design re-mix is in bloom!

How will you Spring forward this season?

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Posted by Carolyn Hawkins on March 28, 2013

I just want you to know, I’am so proud of you, young lady you are so talented, and has the creative eye Bless you,much sucess

Posted by Linda D. LeSure on March 21, 2013

Just awesome. Will try some of your tips at my home. Keep up the great work. So proud of you.


Posted by Jacy on March 21, 2013

Amazing transformation! The old design seemed stodgy, outdated, and unimaginative. With the seemingly simple noted changes it is a brand new modern chic room. I am inspired!

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